Wood is the number one choice for deck building in Australia. It’s beautiful, it’s hardy and lasts a lot longer than many other decking materials. Although wood is strong and beautiful, it is not immortal. There a many reasons why a deck can cave in to the dreaded rot and we will look at a few in this article.

Why do wood decks rot?

You may take all the proper precautions to keep your deck clean, including cleaning between the boards regularly. Some types of wood last longer, and some do not. Some common reasons that wood decks can rot are:

Wood that is untreated
Building a deck with untreated wood means that is it more susceptible to the weathering elements. Heavy rains, lots of sun, and depending on where you live – even snow! When wood is cold it expands and can cracks can appear, which if filled with moisture, when they contract again can cause a big problem as moisture can become trapped inside the wood, breaking it down from within its interior. Untreated wood certainly has a hard life, and eventually if not taken care of properly it can break down and rot.

Messy debris caught between boards
Leaves, dirt and other debris can easily become caught between boards. If not cleaned out regularly the debris can sit to rot and grow mould in between your decking boards which will eventually eat away at the wood.

Cause big problems for wood as wood is their food source. While you can treat your wood deck to be resistant to termites, you can’t guarantee the deck to be safe without proper precautions – more on that in another blog.

Standing water
If your deck is not completely level in all areas, water can pool in certain spots. The longer that water sits, the higher the chances of wood rot. Water can seep into tiny cracks in the wood and cause problems from the inside.

How to repair a rotting wood deck

Prevention is better than cure, so it is much easier to prevent your deck wood from rotting than it is to actually repair the damage once it is done. If rot is caught early it is more likely to be repaired without having to replace your whole deck!

So what are some ways we can prevent further rotting? Remove any rotted boards and replace them with new, treated ones. Apply a water-resistant coating over the whole deck, including the supporting joins. Lastly, even out any spots that create water pooling when it rains and move pot plants around frequently so that moisture is not building up underneath over long periods – even better, don’t keep pot-plants ON your wooden deck.

Contact Amazing Decks for wood deck rot repair

The secret to being able to successfully treat rot damage is catching it early before any true damage has been done. Sometimes unfortunately that is where the biggest problem occurs, by the time you see signs of rot, it has been silently working its way through your wood. Professionals like our team at Amazing Decks are trained to know the signs of an invisible rot problem. They are also trained to know what works best on the type of wood you have to make it stronger and less resistant to rot.

Give Amazing Decks a call and we can have one of our professionals come out to do an inspection on your wood deck. If we find you have an issue, we can repair your deck to prevent further damage. If you have no rot, we can help you put in place measures that will prevent needing rot repair in future.