Document a plan before you start

A lot of planning and consideration will need to go into building your outdoor deck. First of all you need to determine that it is in fact a deck you want and not a patio. You need to agree on a budget, select decking materials, choose the right space to build it, and determine whether it is a DIY project or whether you will need to hire a professional deck builder.

Take a look at our considerations before you begin planning and designing a deck build.

What will the purpose and function of the deck be?

Ask yourself: Why do I want to build a deck? Some of the reasons you may come up might include –

  • Entertaining
  • Outdoor dining
  • Extension of your indoor living space
  • A reading nook in the sun
  • Privacy structure
  • Somewhere to grow a container garden
  • Pool or spa surround

What location will you choose for your deck?

The size of your property will usually determine where you build your deck. If you are on a small block, only one spot may be available and that’s it, done! If you’re on a slightly larger property, there is much more to take into consideration when choosing your location.

Below are some other considerations when you have a choice in location –

  • You may choose your deck location due to a particular view you wish to take in
  • Sometimes a deck location may be chosen based on privacy
  • The location may be chosen based on where the sun and shade hits
  • Location could be determined by weather aspects, being sheltered by wind and rain


You will need to set a realistic budget for your deck. Keeping in mind that the deck may end up costing more than you first anticipate. It is better to overestimate your budget than to underestimate it.

Some aspects you will need to consider when setting a budget for your deck are the following –
The size of your deck

  • Complexity of the design
  • Extras: built-in seating, planter boxes, railings, stairs, lighting etc.
  • Contractor costs (if not DIY)
  • Choice of materials and their own cost

Chosen Decking Materials

Not everyone prefers to build their deck out of wood. Today there are many different options such as composite, which is made from recycled plastic and wood fibres. There are also other alternatives such as plastic and aluminium.

What will the deck design, size and shape be?

The deck design size and shape will depend on a few things –

  • Your block size
  • Where you house is situated on the block
  • Your chosen location
  • Budget
  • The architecture of your house

The shape of your deck is usually chosen to suit the design of your house. A deck design should follow the lines, proportions and architecture of your house, so it’s a natural extension of your living area and seamless transition from indoors to out.

Decking Extras

If your deck is at a certain height you will need railings for safety. If you plan to use the deck at night time you will need to consider lighting options. Depending on your type of deck you may need to consider roofing. If your deck is visible to your neighbours, or they are visible to you, you may want to consider some sort of privacy screening for your deck.

You may also like to consider built in storage, seating and planter boxes within your decking design.

Building Codes and Legal Requirements

Remember that all decks must be approved by your local council. This is another factor that will contribute to all aspects of your deck build.

If you want to build a deck, and not sure where to start – give us a call at Amazing Decks – We can advise you on all these considerations and more. We are deck building experts and would love to assist you with your deck project today.