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Amazing Decks Pty Ltd understands the importance of the long term investment our customers are making in their home when choosing one of our products. Imagine a beautiful new aluminum railing system for your deck that will never require the maintenance of wood again! No more scraping, sanding, painting, or staining…ever! Now you get to spend more time enjoying your deck than maintaining it. An aluminium railing system from our company will add a lifetime of beauty and value to any property.

If you’re looking for a more up market finish on your handrail, you have the option of stainless steel with glass panels which gives you a sleeker look and again there is minimal maintenance with this option.

If your house is a more colonial or traditional style then you may opt to keep your balustrade in the same style as your house and go with a standard timber slat handrail with a ladies waste or bread loaf top rail. This type of product will require maintenance and will stay in great condition as a result.

stairs attached to outdoor decking


The set of stairs you choose for your deck should be determined by the style of deck and house design you currently have. If you have a more colonial style of house, then you may like to choose a full timber Kwila set of stairs with timber slat handrail. If your house is a modern day master piece then maybe a steel stringer set up is the way to go with a glass balustrade. In some circumstances we can provide a set of concrete stairs to access your new deck.

image of pool decking.


Do you have an elegant pool, but lacking the deck surround to set off the entire area. At Amazing Decks we can build you a deck surround to suit all your special needs to suit the design of your pool. We will advise you of the best type of materials you should use in your pool area to compensate for low to the ground pool decks, termites and high moisture areas.

You may have a handicapped person living in your house. We can design a safety ramp for your loved one to access the house in the safest possible way without the fear of seriously injury as well as accessing your new pool area.



Privacy screens is an important part of your deck as you may be sitting on your deck having an intimate dinner with your husband/wife or girlfriend/boyfriend or an important meeting with a collegue, a privacy screen is a great way to block off the prying eyes of neighbours and peeping toms. A variety of materials can be used for this such as, composite timber, hardwood timber, plastic or aluminium.

Ask our sales Rep for further information regarding Privacy Screens.

Metal door built by Amazing DecksDOOR TYPES

When a new deck is added to your house, generally a new opening is required to access the deck. Depending on the opening you require, there are a few options to choose from.

One being a timber Bi Fold Door which looks amazing when installed and you can take full advantage of the entire opening you have available. Bare in mind the timber bi fold door may require further maintenance down the track as timber doors are susceptible to swelling and shrinking in tropical areas where there is a lot of wet weather. A timber Bi Fold is also a lot harder to screen to keep insects and rodents out of your house.

Aluminium Bi Fold doors is another great option for you to access your deck and the maintenance is non existent as you don’t have the issue with weather which can make your new door deteriorate.

wooden door built by Amazing DecksStacker Doors are another great option for your new opening and the great thing about them is they are a lot cheaper than a Bi Fold Door and you still get the majority of the opening for use. They basically do exactly what their name says, each door stacks up behind one another when open to utilize the full opening. Once again the aluminium option has minimal maintenance against the timber stacker door.

For a more traditional or colonial door access, you can opt for a timber French door to look the part with you colonial style home. With this type of door you are obviously cutting down the opening size and can only make a door way for two doors side by side.

image of a car port


At Amazing Decks we can build you a variety of carports. The type of carports available are timber posts, steel posts or brick piers with a skillion roof, truss roof or hand pitched roof to marry into an existing roof line. The choice of roofing materials are zincalume, colourbond, tiles or solarspan.

If you’re looking for an experieced, professional company to build your carports, call us today.

 timber gate built by amazing decks in sydneyGATES

Whether you have your deck off the back of your house or a deck around your pool, we can build you a gate to access these areas. Depending on the type of balustrade you have installed this will depend on whether you have a timber, aluminium, wire or glass gate. Which ever style you choose, you gate will be the safety part of your deck to ensure small children and even animals can’t enter or exit a specific area.



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