Frequently Asked Questions

How big can I build my deck?
This depends on how much room you have between your house and the boundary of your property.

Do I need council approval to build a new deck?
Yes. All new decks above 1 meter off the ground with a roof over them require permission from the council.

Do I need council approval to restore an old deck?

How much will it cost to build my deck?
The cost is dependent on the size of the project, and the type of finish you would like. For an accurate quote contact us by phone on 1300 725 523 or send us a message.

What decking materials can I use to build my deck?
Here at Amazing Decks we stock the highest quality Merbau, Kwila, Spotted Gum, Future Wood Composite Decking, Aluminum Deco Wood, and Mixed Hard Wood.

What roofing material can I use to build the roof over my deck?
We recommend Colourbond, Zincalume, Solarspan or Roof Tiles.

Can I build a fly roof over my deck?
Yes, given that the existing roof plane faces the right direction.

Can I have the ceiling over my deck sheeted and down lights installed?

What material could I use to build the posts for my deck?
We recommend Timber or Steel.

What material could I use for the handrail around my deck?
We recommend Glass, Timber or Wire.

What material could I use for the stairs on my deck?
We recommend a full timber set, steel stringers with hardwood treads.

Can Amazing Decks paint my deck?
We sure can.

Can I build by deck over a sewer in my backyard?
Yes, provided that you submit the correct application to the council, and pay any additional fees.

Can I build my deck close to my boundary?
Yes, given that you pay a relaxation fee to the council to build within the permissible distance.

Does Amazing Decks create the plan for my deck?
Yes. We are happy to help you to develop the plans for your deck.

How long does the plan normally take?
Two weeks on average.

Does Amazing Decks organise council approval for my deck?
Yes. We can take care of the legal logistics for you.

How long does approval normally take?
Two weeks on average.

Does Amazing Decks provide finance to their customers?
Yes. We provide interest free loans for up to three years.

Does Amazing Decks build Carports?
Yes, we have a great deal of experience building a range of different Carports.

What type of carports do you build?
We build both free standing carports, and those attached to an existing building.

Can Amazing Decks build my carport with brick piers to match the existing building?
We will match it if the same brick materials are available, or get it as close as possible.

Does Amazing Decks do renovation works as well?

If you’re convinced that we’re the Decking Company for you then check out our Timber Decking and Composite Decking pages.