Landscape architect design backyard plan for villa

Designing your new Deck is the most important part when you have decided to build a new Deck. The first step is finding a professional Deck building company that has a qualified draftsman that works in conjunction with the Deck builder. This way you are using a one stop shop so you don’t have to find separate professionals to get through the design and building process. Amazing Decks is your one stop shop as we have a draftsman and private certified at our disposal to ensure that the design and approval process is not held up due to certain restrictions other companies may not be aware of.

Some important decisions that you will need to consider

  • The biggest number one decision is alway the size of the new Deck. You can never drains Deck too big as it will always be used because in Brisbane and South East Qld, people actually build Decks as part of their living areas due to the nice weather. Obviously the size of the Deck will affect the cost but the difference between a big deck that you will love and one you have built because your budget is limited is a big difference as we see a lot of people say we should have waited a little longer to save the extra funds because you don’t want to be disappointed if you built your deck in the small side.
  • The other big decision when designing your new Deck is should I build a roof over it. The answer is always YES. There is no point building a Deck in Brisbane’s hot weather and not building a roof over it. It will be very limited to when you can actually use the deck because it could be raining, the decking boards could be very hot and you may not be able to walk on it, due to the weather the deck will deteriorate very quickly to which the maintenance required to fix the Deck could have been avoided simply by building a roof over your new deck.

Types of Roof Construction:

There a various roofing type construction processes when designing your deck and below are a few explanations of these.

  • Standard conventional timber rafter skillion roof. This is simply just a length of timber set out at various intervals to build your new Deck. You may or may not choose to have the underside of the rafters sheeted to create a flat ceiling. If you choose not to sheet the underside to create a ceiling then you will have an exposed rafter roof set up that you can see the rafters, battens and roof sheeting.
  • You have the selection of roof sheeting types such as colourbond, zincalume or tiles if it’s a pitched roof over 5 degrees.
  • Solar span roof are a great product for roofing over Decks as they are insulated at either 50mm, 70mm or 90mm thick and sandwiched between the top layer of corrugated colourbond and they flat aluminium finish to the underside. This product is a lot more expensive but overall a great choice if you can afford it. This type of roof doesn’t have a rafter set up rather only fixed between the two roof pitching beams over the house and and the end of the Deck.

Please don’t hesitate to request any recommendations regarding the size of your Deck and type of roof.