Composite Decking – Futurewood

NewTech™-CleverDeck® composite decking has been designed to allow you the choice of an environmentally sustainable and virtually maintenance free deck all in one.

Now you can move away from the common rainforest timber deck with all of its associated environmental concerns and maintenance issues comfortable in the knowledge that you have made an economically sound decision that won’t hurt the environment!


NewTech-CleverDeck is made from recycled HDPE (old milk bottles and other post consumer plastic waste) and discarded rice husks or hulls making it one of the most environmentally friendly decking options available. The thought process behind the marketing of NewTech-CleverDeck was to build in value so that consumers wanting to make a positive environmental decking choice will not be financially disadvantaged.

NewTech-CleverDeck comes in 4 standard colours; Mahogany, Saltbush, Slate Grey and Walnut. It is available in long lengths of 5.4 metres and all the boards in each pack are the same length and come with the piece of mind that a 10 year warranty against rotting and white ants/termite attack provides.

You can choose between 2 board widths of 86mm and 138mm and you have the option of using the NewTech deck clip system for a completely concealed fix giving your deck an added touch of class.

Apart from looking great there are many other benefits associated with your purchase of NewTech-CleverDeck.

composite decking used around a swimming pool by Amazing Decks
Future Wood environmentally friendly and long-lasting Composite Decking

Composite Decking – Gossen

We also use Gossen, an American company who supply a different type of composite decking – Advanced Cellular PVC.

Gossen Tongue and Groove Flooring 

Gossen porch flooring is made just like the Gossen deck board – solid core cellular PVC with no inconsistent organic fillers. The Gossen porch board can be installed in a covered or uncovered application, however, drainage with a Tongue & Groove board is limited and should be taken into consideration.

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Gossen Passport Decking

Gossen Passport Decking marries style and function. It is low maintenance cellular PVC, but it looks like real exotic hardwood. It is extremely low maintenance, incredibly light weight, resistant to mould and mildew, extremely durable and designed to handle all climates and conditions.

Read more about Gossen Passport Decking here.

Gossen PVC decking used in a stair build.
Gossen PVC decking used around a spa.

Composite Decking – DecoDeck

DecoDeck is a durable, beautiful and cost effective way of getting a fantastic timber decking finish without the warping, splintering, rotting or swelling hassles you would normally find with timber decks.

DecoDeck is constructed of an aluminium compound; and the durability of this material makes it perfect for coastal areas, or those prone to bushfires where it would not normally be safe for a traditional timber deck.

This low maintenance solution requires only a quick clean every 3 months or so; you’ll never have to worry yourself with re-paining or staining!

Deco Deck example red aluminium metal covered to look like wood planks

Composet Decking – DecoWood

DecoWood is a powder coating put over your DecoDeck to give you a magnificent wood grain finish. With a wide selection of colours we have the perfect deck to suit any home.
DecoDeck colour range