Choosing the balustrade railing for your deck is very important as it one of your deck’s most visible features and really makes the overall look and feel of the space. Different materials suit different styles of decks and of course different architecture and periods of home design. The landscape of your yard will also affect the choice of balustrade, as will your council plans and local regulations.

The right railing balustrade height for your deck

One of the most important things to be considered when it comes to choosing your balustrade railings for your deck is the deck’s height. The actual height of the railing is one of the most important aspects when it comes to your deck. Usually a deck railing should be anywhere from 92 to 107cm. If the height is any shorter, it can be deemed unsafe. Any higher, and it may restrict your view of the surrounding area. Keeping it somewhere at a happy medium will give the best results.

Let’s look at some of the options you may like to consider for your home.


Traditional Lattice railing

Lattice is a commonly used deck balustrade railing as it adds visual interest and provides privacy also. Of course lattice is very traditional and will only suit certain types of homes in certain designs and eras.


Magical Metal

Metal can be an easy choice for a deck railing design that fits well with most spaces. Metal is sturdy, and doesn’t need as much maintenance as wood. With metal you can even choose to incorporate glass panels to the front of your deck as pictured above.


Mixing Materials

Even simple deck railing designs with a mix of materials can add a chic style to an outdoor space. Above, wires are paired with wood slats, offering an interesting colour and texture component. Opting for slender metal deck railings makes a thoroughly modern statement, but incorporating traditional wood elements creates a transitional design.


Gorgeous Glass

If you have a very modern style home you may wish to do glass balustrade railings. Glass is great because it doesn’t obstruct any views, though unless frosted, also doesn’t provide any privacy. A mix of glass and metal looks gorgeous on this modern rendered home pictured above.


Wonderful Wire

When your views are expansive as they are at this property above, wire cabling will not obstruct a thing! Paired with this beautiful wooden deck and metal posts gives a modern and clean sharp look.


Trusty Wood

Perhaps you want a more natural look and love wood. Wood will work with most home designs and if treated right and maintained properly, it will last a lifetime. Wood is sturdy and is easily cut to any design you desire to work with the style of your deck and home. The added advantage with wood is you can even incorporate built in seating and storage within your design.

Working with your home and deck’s style

The most important thing to remember when choosing your balustrade railings is to work with the style of your deck and the architecture of your home. A glass and metal balustrade is not going to work with a 1940’s cottage and a wooden pine balustrade is not going to work with a post millenium cement rendered building.

Amazing Decks understands the importance of the long term investment of creating a beautiful deck and choosing the right products to suit. Give us a call and we can advise on the best balustrade railings for your deck to suit your home, your design, budget and overall property.