Laminate floor on black background. 3d illustration

What type of timber should I use when building my deck?

Amazing Decks Brisbane are always getting enquiries to rebuild an existing Deck. There are many reason why these Decks are deteriorating and one of the them is the selection of timber bearers and joists. In Brisbane we have a varied climate with very hot weather that can then turn to heavy rain. It’s the moisture that can pose a problem. We have found that one of the reasons many people are having to rebuild their Decks is because they have chosen a cheaper or inferior material such as treated pine because it is cheap. Amazing Decks do not recommend the use of this material as it not suitable for this building application.

What are some of the reasons treated pine should not be used for building decks?

  • It’s not correctly treated to withstand the weather
  • It’s not treated for termites to prevent them eating away your decking substrate framing
  • It’s a very soft material that also doesn’t have the structural integrity to last a longevity
  • This material can absorb a lot more moisture from wet weather or high humidity
  • With moisture and then very hot weather this material will twist and turn and create a very poor looking deck from a visual perspective
  • It will require excess coats of paint or sealer to try to protect it from extreme weather in Brisbane

What are better options instead of Treated Pine?

As decking experts in Brisbane we strongly recommend the use of a specialised H3 treated LVL for all beaters and joists. Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is an engineered timber that can be ordered at any length, thickness or depth.

The benefit of using this material for your new Deck is:

  • This material is specially treated against the weather and termites.
  • As it is an engineers laminated timber, it is structurally able to span longer spans for your deck without having intermediate supports which allow more convenient entertaining space.
  • It requires no sealing or painting to protect it from extreme weather
  • It doesn’t twist and turn as a result of extreme weather and leave a poor unsightly finish.
  • It’s light weight for easier construction of a new deck
  • The material can also be used for building roof structures due to its weight and ability to span long distances.

Some people also choose to build their new Decks out of Hardwood or Steel bearers or joists. These are both very good decking substrate materials to use as hardwood is very strong but the downside is it can twist and turn if your not quick to use it once it’s delivered to site to minimise any moisture or heat getting to it.

The other disadvantage is it only comes in certain sizes up to 6 meters unlike the LVL which can be manufactured at any length or size. Hardwood timber can also shrink and swell in various poor weather conditions. Amazing Decks will build your deck with hardwood if absolutely necessary but we would always recommend we build your deck with LVL’s first. Steel bearers and joists are very good as there’s no issues with weather or termites however once the Deck is constructed, it can be a little noisy or tinny to walk on. So as we are professional Deck builders please don’t hesitate to ask us for any recommendations when designing and building your next Amazing Deck.